Do you find yourself more motivated when working within a group? Our Power Circles are small group workshops that meet weekly, online or in person, along with a member of our team.


Our ReEmerge Power Circles/Accountability Groups are small group workshops comprised of 8-10 like-minded professionals who act as a supportive and encouraging team committed to pursuing individualized goals.


We believe that growth and motivation are sometimes best accomplished in a group setting.  Our Power Circles/Accountability Groups provide a positive, collaborative environment to help you explore possibilities, develop action plans, discuss options and share ideas while providing motivation and accountability.



As an added bonus, once you join one of our Power Circle/Accountability Groups, you will have the opportunity to stay connected with these networks even after your goals are met.  Our clients find that these support networks become an integral part of their continued growth and help them to remain accountable to their ongoing goals.  

interested in joining one of our
power circles?

Let us know you’re interested and we’ll keep you in the loop.