When’s the last time someone asked you, “what do you want to do when you grow up?” For most of us, it’s been quite awhile. As you look to reenter the workforce, your answer to that question may have changed. You may now have a new perspective. A new point of view. New priorities. Now may be the perfect time to explore new opportunities and try something different, something you are passionate about!.

We’ll help you uncover your strengths, interests, values and goals using various assessment tools, and will work with you to develop strategies for determining the job that best fits you now. These new insights will help uncover what new skills you may need to acquire or just to sharpen-up.

Most importantly, we will be your partner, working through your challenges and successes, and providing you with the motivation and accountability needed to successfully reenter the workforce in a job that fits you NOW!

Our sessions are as individual as our clients. What works best for you?

We offer one-on-one consults as well as our Power Circles which are conducted in a group sessions. Learn more about our Power Circles.

Let’s Start Something new

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